BLDC Motor Drive Controlled By Mobile App

  • Objective

    • Single:

      To Design a BLDC motor drive that is capable of driving 200watts motor up-to 10Amps. PID algorithm with Kp, Ki and Kd Values that ic capable of carrying 100Lbs load with an accuracy of 0.1mm in both velocity and position mode. This was designed for a welding machine application. That can be controlled through an mobile app which also show the degree tilt.

    • Dual:

      Dual Devices can move on the same path with a synchronous accuracy of 0.5mm or 0.1 degree accuracy in their position and velocity.

  • Scope

    • Based on STM Cortex M4 Microcontroller.
    • End-to-End Product Life Cycle.
      • Architecture.

      • Board Design and Development (Schematics and Layout Design).

      • Firmware Development.

      • BLDC Motor Drive PID, Driver Development, Ethernet Stack customization.

      • Prototype Manufacturing.

      • Mobile APP design and Development.

      • Interface BLDC Motor drive, Ethernet, Flash Memory, Double board Solution with Isolation.

      • Mobile App for GUI and Motor Control Application.