IOT Smart Electricity Energy Meter

  • Objective

    • To Design an Domestic/Industrial 3-Phase Smart Energy meter for monitoring the electric energy consumption in KWH. It has inbuilt capability for home automation with PLC communication.

    • It’s an prepaid meter that can be controlled from the central station.

    • Also has a consumer user interface where the user can monitor and control the load at his/her premises through web or mobile Application.

  • Scope

    • Based on Texas MPS and STM Cortex M4 Microcontroller.
    • End-to-End Product Life Cycle.
      • Architecture.

      • Board Design and Development (Schematics and Layout Design).

      • Firmware Development.

      • Energy meter Algorithm, Driver Development, DLMS, Security Algorithm, Ethernet Stack customization.

      • Prototype Manufacturing.

      • Mobile APP design and Development.

      • Energy Meter IC, Ethernet, Flash Memory, Two board Solution with Isolation.

      • Mobile App for user interface.