IOT Weather Station

  • Objective

    • Basically according to the present situation the weather condition at a particular area is important for the site owner. We can make a weather bureau which consist of different sensor that can get different parameters at particular area and can get a real time report from that data, which can be captured on the website. By this type of monitoring, it will be very easy for agricultural survey and many other Industrial purposes. Here the security of the data will be given higher concentration part.

  • Platform Stabilization

    • Based on STM Cortex M4 controller.
    • End-to-End Product Life Cycle.
      • Architecture.

      • Board Design and Development (Schematics and Layout Design).

      • Firmware Development.

      • Calibration Algorithm for all sensors, Driver Development, Blue tooth and IMU Interface.

      • Sensors Like Temperature, Humidity, Light, Sound, PIR, Air quality, Sound, Wind Sensor, Pressure, Rain, pH Sensor, 4 open-ended Sensor.

      • WIFI, GSM/GPRS, GSP interfaces for communication.

      • Battery and Solar operated.

      • Prototype Manufacturing.