IOT Compact Device Control for Home Automation

This project mainly gives the access to operate the switches on a switchboard in 3 ways through manually ON/OFF the switch, using IR and using WiFI. Remotely can control by a mobile application or a web app. To be precise, the bulb goes off when we manually ‘off’ the switch and the same bulb will ‘ON’ when we toggle through the mobile application. The main key point in this project will be the connectivity of WiFi to the cloud. Input will be directly given through switch or through IR or through mobile application.

  • Compact Home Automation

    • Based on ESP32 Controller .
    • End-to-End Product Life Cycle.
      • Architecture.

      • Board Design and Development (Schematics and Layout Design).

      • Firmware Development.

      • MQT Protocol implementation.

      • WIFI, GSM/GPRS, GSP interfaces for communication.

      • Prototype Manufacturing.