With the full vision of Internet of Things (IoT) becoming a reality with billions of end devices, from the tiniest end devices or gateway or cloud platform, all of them intelligently connected and interoperating, Imbrute, with its network protocol and application development capabilities, is in excellent position to realize your product ideas in the Internet of Things world.

Be it any physical object, including thermostats, medical devices, electrical appliances, electrical sockets, home automation, industrial controls, even light bulbs, we help you engineer your Internet of Things, starting from electronics design, network protocol development, interconnectivity, cloud based application and smartphone applications, for device monitoring and control.

Utilize us to develop your distributed systems, whether it is an Internet of Things device such as light control application or a complex home/building automation framework and application for HVAC system optimizing the energy consumption in a facility or a deployment over a large city.

We help you through many critical design decision points, right from selecting the network protocol and RF spectrum for your application, choosing higher level layers, selecting the semiconductor vendor, implementing, testing, certification and handling deployment, commissioning and monitoring issues.

Imbrute’s network protocol development expertise, development of test tools and experience in qualifying protocols at approved test house, make robust protocol design and development a breeze.